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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

52 and still standing!

How did i survive another year ? I sometimes wonder if life is easier if you slip out the side door and finish it off or if all the guess work and hard work that goes into life is worth it. It really has been a growing up year for me . Watching my father who i love with all my heart turn into a shell of a man with little or no life to speak of. I feel he's been stripped of all of his dignity and I wonder if there is a God and I was taught that there is . How does he let my father end his life this way? My mother I think is a saint and an angel and i finally realize human. She shows so much love to my father their marriage was blessed from the beginning. Tho full of ups and downs. What the new year of my life brings God only knows ! Hopefully it will still be filled with friends and family of love and of laughter . That when the time comes I will have the strength to carry on and the dignity to give lives ups and downs the true expressions of the times. To never give up of love or life.